Flexible Columns in Google Docs

Earlier this week, I was re-doing my resume and had an idea to have it two columns where one was a wide column taking up about 75% of the page, and the second column the remainder.

Working on a Macbook Pro, I don’t have MS Office, so I wrote the resume using Google Docs. One interesting thing about it is that the word processor doesn’t allow you to easily make flexible columns where each column has its specified width. So, I came up with a different idea.

Use a table, and configure it so that there are two rows and two columns. The first row should be the height of the content in the sidebar, which allows the setting of a border color for that specific border. The second row can expand to the end of the second page to keep a consistent layout. Once the content is written and the layout looks good, simply set the border color for all borders to white, or which color the background is in, except for the border between the cells in the first row.

Check out my CV for an example. It was written using Google Docs and exported to PDF.